Friday, November 5, 2021

Echoes of Genesis Three

Image by klbz from Pixabay.

Our Maker determined that we should be
able to choose

Built with a will to select either the warmth and peace and providence of
perfect Presence
Or to choose to lean into the curiosity of
the other
and for that bend to bleed and to weep
to face futility and heart wars
and to be cast out.

He built us with this blessed choice mechanism
by His own choice
and I must assume the Almighty Creator was bound by no
outside requirement to do so

He gave us ears tuned to receive all the voices
not just His own
Crafted eyes that are able to take in
even the beauty of poisonous things 
things not meant for our frail consumption
Engineered minds that can step outside the curtain of
His proven faithfulness and love
to wonder wanderingly,
“did He really say . . .?”

So I have questions

Questions that swim all around “why”
Because even now in this moment
I am able to use those heaven-ordained faculties to
choose to consider “why did He do that?”

Is it sin to think such?

Because here we are
the progeny of the first chasm created
continuing to choose the divide
Still hiding among trees
having again discovered a new layer of shame and regret
of dirtiness

And the eternal Eyes see and saw it all

Yes, Sovereignty is a certain thing
It’s a thing my heart grasps only with slippery fingers
and yet I do believe that “it is good”
Even today, He calls to me from beyond questions
and I hear the Spirit’s hovering whisper
beckoning us all
like He did in ages gone
with a plan already shaped and
as from the brink of eternity’s shore
through nails and sweat and sacred blood
He chooses again and again and forevermore to reach out
asking for an answer He already knows:
“where are you?”


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