Wednesday, October 28, 2020


I have been instructed by the institutions,
“Choose you this day whom you will serve.”
What is a pilgrim to do
when taxed with the impossible?
When pressed to decide between which matters most:
children destitute at our borders in cages
or children in pieces in a biohazard container?
“Which is more valuable, oh voter?”
How has this been established a dividing line in a "civil" society?
For all are made through Him and for Him
and Jesus loves ALL the little children of the world,
just as He loves every confused, every desperate
mama facing every difficult, every impossible decision.
Where are the honest scales to properly weigh such a dilemma?
I own privilege. I know that. 
I did not earn it.
I often do not want it.
I watch as many I love continue to scrape and scramble day to day
just to be embraced as equal,
to be afforded a truly fair shake and
their pain matters, too.
Their plight deserves sober consideration.
And so much more!
But now I am expected to somehow sign my name to 
one – of -- two 
who stand atop even greater privilege:
one who pays lip service (my cynicism deciphers)
to equality of color and creed and gender
and the other so cold he can’t even muster the deception.
God help us, your chosen brood,
to bear with one another through this time
(for we do not agree). 
Enable us to forgive lavishly and
long-suffer like never before for Jesus’ name’s sake.
To recognize our greater heavenly bond
come what may in this kingdom on the ground.
And, in the end,
to refuse to require institutions or earthly allegiances 
to do the good work that
You have predestined Your people to accomplish.
We are Yours.
You are sovereign.
Jesus is King.
May He reign in our hearts above all else.